Meet Our Team

Victoria Petty, Camp Director

Vicky comes to us with over 30 years experience working within the human services field. She began her career working within the mental health sphere in an area that dealt with troubled juveniles who had been removed from their homes due to illegal activities. She worked with these individuals and their families to help them obtain the appropriate care they needed so they could eventually return to their families. This early career choice lead her to working with adults, families and teenagers who were suffering from substance abuse problems. After several years she moved onto working as a director within a local community mental health authority helping individuals with mental health and developmental disabilities receive the attention and services they needed with the end goal of being able to live as independently as possible. Prior to coming to the camp Vicky also spent time as a foster care worker helping children to reunite with their parents and/or helping them find a forever home so they could grow up in as safe and healthy an environment as possible.

In addition to Vicky’s professional career she is currently living with a significant other on their family farm where work together to raise more than 60 goats. Vicky typically brings a few goats a week with her to summer camp to teach campers about caring for them and by extension to help individuals learn how calming playing with these gentle animals can be. In addition to goats, Vicky has a family dog “Yoder” who spends quite a bit of time at camp as well – he is the camp dog who doubles as a therapy dog for the campers. He provides a wealth of support epecially when campers need assistance calming down or comforting them when they may be feeling homesick or lonely.

Vicky loves caring for campers and giving them new experiences so they will have fun and enjoy their summer vacation. Together they will enjoy the outdoors especially the fun on the lake which includes swimming, pontoon rides and just kicking back soaking up that beautiful sunshine. Vicky looks forward to spending her summers with the campers and is working to increase the services provided at the camp which may even include some respite weekends throughout the year especially in the fall, winter and spring when the camp is usually quiet. It's not just during the summer months that St Francis Camp on the Lake is equipped to provide safe, healthy and wholesome fun for campers – it's year round.

Vicky looks forward to meeting with each camper and his/her parents, guardians and/or caregivers so that she can learn how to best care for them when they experience camp and participate in our many fun programs.

Please feel free to contact Vicky to inquire about our summer camp and/or respite weekends. Talk to her about the services your individual needs and what she can do to make you feel comfortable leaving your special camper with us to enjoy the camp.

Feel free to contact Vicky Petty with any questions at (517) 688-9212 or email